A downloadable game for Windows


W, A, S, D = Movement

E / Space / Enter = Interact

Right Mouse = View card details

Left Mouse = Choose card

You are the new hire at a prestigious wizarding tower and your first office holiday party is happening this very evening!  You have prepared cue cards for yourself: one card = one topic or anecdote you can talk about, no repeats. It’s foolproof!

Now is your moment to prepare and go through all the possible scenarios to ensure that you will make a great impression when the time comes!

!!! Notes !!!

Sometimes after a conversation the player character will be randomly unable to move.

The "Exit" button in the settings panel is non-functional in the orginal upload.

The UI when you leave the room doesn't respond to mouse input. Please use keyboard directions/the interact button.


OriginalWindowsBuild 25 MB
PolishedWindowsBuild 25 MB

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